Frequently Asked Questions


We have opportunities to compete in various degrees which allow you to test your skills.

Boxing: from Exhibition Matches in-house to Smokers (exhibitions at other events). USA Boxing for Sanctioned and organized  Boxing in the Amateurs.

Boxing with Trainer and promoters to a Pro Fight.

In Muay-Thai Boxing you have an opportunity to compete in in-house Exhibition Matches and Local Smokers. We have also had and have taken people to compete in the Muay-Thai World Expo at the yearly event in Des Moines, IA. Next: June 22-25, 2017.

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu we hold in-House Exhibitions, and participate in local events such as MN. Kali Club BJJ Event in Minneapolis, St. Croix Grappling Games in St. Croix Falls, WI, Midwest Submission Hunt in Champlin, MN. and North American Grappling Association (NAGA) in Chicago.

Getting Started

Yes, we have different Levels of training.  We also teach Muay-Thai Boxing levels 1-4.

Sparring with people at different levels and intensity will not only challenge you but improve your skills.


Boxing and Muay-Thai boxing require hand wraps and gloves for your protection. If you are new to either discipline and aren’t ready to invest equipment, that’s ok, we’ve got you covered. Just come 15 minutes before class and we’ll help you get started.

Just fill out the form on our Contact Us page, Call us at 952-474-3213  or visit us at the Gorilla Combat facility.

Yes! Actually at Gorilla Combat we provide you with a week of free classes. To sign up for your free week click here.


Yes, there is a one time Enrollment Fee of $36.

As part of the enrollment fee new members receive a free Gorilla Combat  T-shirt!

Yes! We understand that you may be trying out a new training focus and have busy lives. Gorilla Combat members are encouraged to join us under any membership you are comfortable with. Our staff is happy to assist with any changes and upgrades at a later time.

With monthly unlimited memberships members can enjoy unlimited classes in all disciplines excluding specialty classes and private training. Unlimited membership is a great choice to try out various classes, focus on proficiency in any area or just get in consistent, effective workouts!

There are several membership options at Gorilla Combat,  most of which do not require a contract at all! The only membership enrollment that requires a contact agreement is the Unlimited, 6-month agreement option. With this choice, members simply commit to maintain a membership for a 6-month period with monthly auto-pay, which enables Gorilla Combat to offer additional value in pricing.