Women’s Force Protection and Escape

Gorilla Combat Situational Awareness Force Protection and Escape

This system uses simple, effective, and easy-to-learn techniques. The tactics do not rely on strength or size, but rather on knowledge and action.

Incorporates elements from the combative systems of Haganah Fighting Tactics (an Israeli Combat Fighting application), Muay-Thai BoxingBoxing, Burmese Boxing (Lethwei) and ground fighting from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

It consists of striking techniques as punches, elbows, head-butts and shoulder strikes. It also includes low-line kicks and knee strikes to the adversary’s entire body, legs, shins and groin.

Also instructs in tactics and skills to avoid being taken to the ground and what to do to if you find yourself on the ground. Become aware of lines, types of attacks, vital points, body manipulations, joint locks, chokes and leverage.



Practical Applications / Drills / Tactics

This workshop is 1.5 hours.


Part 1: Situational Awareness Force Protection and Escape: Concepts and mindset, Spatial Awareness and Personal Toolbox.

Part 2: Know What When and How to Strike / Defense / Creating Space / Escape

Part 3: Ground Defense & Offense

Part 4: Scenario Application

This 4-part clinic will introduce defenses and counters against common attacks:

  • Striking
  • Chokes
  • Headlocks
  • Grabs (including hair grabs)
  • Bear hugs
  • Part 3: Positions on the Ground (Common attempts)
  • Part 4: Padded Assailant: Scenarios (optional)

Professional Instruction

Caleb Traviño   


7887 Fuller Rd. STE #101, Eden Prairie, MN 55344