G:Ring Spar -Sparring Training

G:Ring Spar -Sparring Training

Gorilla Combat G30: Intro and G:Ring/Spar

Effective: December 20th, 2016

It has been great seeing members take advantage of Gorilla Combat’s sparring opportunities over the past few months. With supervised instruction we have seen the progression of members learning to apply and control contact through their chosen discipline, Boxing and Muay-Thai Kickboxing.

Thank you to Juan Morales, Mike Merchant, Chris Meyer, Russ Youngquist, Karen Gustafson, Octavio Lucia and upper classmen for their help implementing this and guiding our boxers.

We will continue to offer training time and opportunities to explore and refine your skills. Beginning Dec. 20th, 2016, scheduled times and a charge will be in place for G30 classes and sparring.

This structure will also allow us to continue to provide our members with the best training programs and equipment needs.

Please see pricing options for the option that works best for you; https://www.gorillacombat.com/prices/

It is Gorilla Combat’s goal to provide opportunities to take your training to another level in a controlled, structured, and supervised setting with instructors and experienced leads.

Thank you,

Caleb Travino -Gorilla Combat LLC

G:Ring Sparring Sessions

Check out the new G30 and G:Ring schedule:


G30: Intro Muay Thai 5:30-6:00

G:Ring: Boxing 7:00pm


G:Ring 7:00pm

G-30: Sparring 7:00-7:30

G-30: Intro BJJ 7:00-7:30


G:Ring 7:00pm


G-30: Intro BJJ 7:00-7:30

G:Ring 7:00pm


G-30:Bags 6:00-6:30


G:Ring 11:00am


These changes take effect Monday, December 20th 2016.


G-30 classes are only $8 or $50 monthly unlimited and are not included in class packages or monthly-unlimited packages (with exception of “Premium”).


Upgrade your Monthly Unlimited package to Premium for Unlimited G:Ring for only $15 more!

  • Premium Monthly Unlimited Package: $140 (with 6 month agreement)
  • $160 month to month