Women’s Series: the Ground, S.A.F.P.E. :Bjj

Women’s Series: the Ground, S.A.F.P.E. :Bjj

Gorilla: Situational Awareness Forced Protection and Escape: Groundwork: Women’s only course:

Women's Series: Bjj

Women’s Series: Bjj

The Ground: This workshop uses simple, effective and easy-to-learn techniques. These tactics do not reply on strength or size, but rather on knowledge and action. We will work to understand and develop skills from the most common of situations or scenarios of an aggressor / attack from standing to being taken to the ground. Learn tactics and skills to avoid being taken to the ground and what to do if  you find yourself on the ground. Become aware of lines / types of attacks, unplugging techniques, joint locks, chokes, leverage and creating space. Tactics and skills from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is an Adult only course: sessions are 75min.Wednesdays evenings 7:15pm.- 8:30pm. Session 1: Wed. Sept.18thAnticipate and respond in the situation. Awareness/Defense Session 2: Wed. Sept. 25th Session 3: Wed. Oct. 2nd                                                               Reply for Sign-up and cost info      Session 4: Wed. Oct. 9th                                                                                                             GorillaCombat.com Session 5: Wed. Oct. 16th                                                                                                             Lead by Britta Manning Session 6: Wed. Oct. 23rdGround Defense/Offense & Scenarios                Session 7: Wed. Oct. 30th                                            Gorilla Combat LLC- 7656 Washington Av So. Edina, MN 55439